Advance Turbo Flasher ATF Box Latest Setup v12.70

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Advance Turbo Flasher is a software used by many worldwide to bypass some restrictions set in place to keep you in a rather small area. Some people like freedom and can go beyond to reach their goals, so to provide this facility Advanced Turbo Flasher was developed.

The only requirement of this software is that it requires an Android OS. It can also flash and root Nokia phones because they also have adopted Android OS. Apart from all this, the main robust feature of this software is its flashing option. Flashing is the main thing that has set new limits for Androids.

Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF):

ATF has provided us easy to use options, but they may look scary for beginners, although after a few tutorials, they would be happy to use ATF as they want to. ATF might seem very complex and with tons of options, but the best part is that it will keep you hooked once you learn the basics. Every possibility will be there, just a few clicks away!

To make this software’s description black and white, let’s divide it into two groups:



Let’s dive in what ATF has to provide:

  • Flashing
  • Rooting
  • Fixing any software issues
  • Provide basic info about your phone
  • Cold Flashing
  • Remove user locks
  • Factory locks
  • Provider locks
  • Write IMEI
  • Phone test
  • Warranty edit
  • Camera Configuration

Along with some other uses related to settings. Let us explain it can do briefly. When you have installed this program (ATF) into your computer, it can flash mostly any Android, which means you can change the OS of any Android to any version that you want. Testing your phone option is also there to detect any problems and irregularities. When you connect your phone to your computer which has ATF installed, then it would give you the basic info.

  • Software info
  • Android OS
  • Hardware info
  • Warranty data

Provider locks, factory locks, user locks, and everything can easily be removed using the factory reset option. For IMEI and locks, another option is available to you to solve any issues there.


A few downsides of this software is that.

  • Software issues
  • Apps that allow payments won’t run with using flash
  • Chances to brick your phone if not done correctly
  • Voids warranty
  • Camera Quality will be downgraded without proper flash
  • Unstable device
  • Custom ROM’s not available for lesser-known devices
  • Privacy issues
  • Bugs

Apps that can send or receive money don’t usually work without proper root apps. It gives you a wide set of options but also to hackers. They can misuse the options such as unlock the screen lock and access data. Another downside of this software is that it looks old and outdated because of its design. Which makes it hard for people to use this as their priority and get stuck with buggy software which often leads them nowhere.

Advance Turbo Flasher Image

This software is very handy and the best one in the market. It is also “Free to use” which makes it a very good choice for everyone. Its developers are also not new to make such software and have a pretty excellent reputation among all.

Download ATF Box Setup:

Now you can download the latest version of AFT box, A flashing box with almost all features. Download Advance turbo flasher in short as ATF box latest setup v12.7 for flashing, repair, unlock mobile phones. Moreover, update software and fix errors and issues in CDMA and GSM devices for free os cost.

Download >>> ATF Box Latest Setup v 12.70


Advance Turbo Flasher is one of the best software available completely for free, with no problems and issues. It can outperform many other setups made for rooting. A highly recommended software if you are willing to take the risks!

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