Breakup status – Sad and Attitude breakup status

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Life is full of joys and sorrows.  Breakup status is also part of life, someone leaves us and we have nothing to do except displaying our emotion then breakup status somehow works for us.

Having an honest relationship with your partner is a blessing of God.people who are honest in relation stay with each other till death and their love polished day by day, Relationship is basically the state of being connected. The relationship is the name of acquaintance btw two peoples who love each other. From the lessons of life,  the best lesson I learned is, if your partner is sincere with you.

  • Will never lie to you
  • Will always be honest
  • Never hide anything from you
  • Share everything with you
  • Care you more than your parents
  • Tense for you every time
  • Always have time for you

Breakup hurts initially, but if you dropped a person who does not care for you, respect for you or even not love you, losing him or her is actually again, but you can not do anything, your mind is ready to admit and know every wound would be healed but your heart cry and you actually feel pain. people try to divert our attention but we stick on the same point and even we also do not want to escape out from these memories, but painful experiences are good lessons for life.

After a breakup, we want to share our sad story with people, and keeping it in our WhatsApp status, FB stories, Snapchat story or any display media.we do not know what we should say on this sudden mishap. I have combined some breakup status for you.

Heart Broken Status

  • ”In the ocean of life, I lost money but still float, I lost relations still float, I lost everything still float, but when you left me, I drowned my love.”
  • ”Am happy with pain in my body, but why I can not bear in my heart.”
  • ”Promises for staying together, everything was a lie, my mind can admit, why my heart s not understanding.”
breakup status
  • ”I was not a philanderer, I was helpless.”
  • ”It’s easy to cry when u realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.”
  • ”True love can’t be found, it’s built.”
  • ”One day you will just be a memory.”
  • ”I’m never shocked when people let me down now I just hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place.”
  • ”I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.”
  • ”The worst feeling: Not getting a reply back from someone whom u want to talk.”
  • ”If you fall in love…be ready for the TEARS too…because its the last gift of LOVE.”
breakup quotes

breakup quotes

  • ”Love is not like a game when you reached a final stage leave to play it.”
  • ”There is a point in every relationship where it is better to leave and move forward.”
  • ”I want to shit on my dreams, they even today make me remember memories.”

Best Breakup Status

  • ”I know one day you will realize, you lost the moon while counting stars”
  • ”No more wasting your time thinking about me.”
  • ”I don’t think I’ll ever love someone the way I love you.”
  • ”Love hurts when you break up with someone.”
  • ”Now it’s back to the way we started. Strangers.”
  • ”There are certain people who are not meant to fit in your life, no matter how much you want them to be.”
  • ”I didn’t think it was possible to miss something I never had. Yet here I am, missing you.”
breakup status
  • ”A heart with broken trust and eye with dust always cry.”
  • ”Every smiling person is not happy, you don’t know how many tears he is hiding behind his smile.”
  • ”I can live without you because I was born without you.”
  • ”It’s hard to forget someone who gave u so much to remember.”
  • ”Live your life happy, am dealing with death”

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Love Breakup Status

  • ”When does someone ask I can leave you? you know even you can not live without him/her but you say yes, I know how heart cries then.”
  • ”People break relations of 5 years in 5 seconds.”
  • ”You broke my heart in small pieces, I am busy to sieving them to love you again.”
  • ”One day you will love me back, but I will not be here to love you again.”
  • ”Do not cry when someone leaves you, if he is not yours now, he was never.”
  • ”Do not waste your time on that person who does not love you, move forward and respect those who love you, life is not going to end.”
breakup status

breakup status

  • ”The most painful memory.. When I walked away & you let me go.”
  • ”Do you think why I did not die after a breakup? I just want to see your happy life.”
  • ”Kids cry when cheater leaves, mature sad when cheater leaves, legend move forward.”

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Best Marriage status

  • ”Sometimes it is better to walk in rain alone, no one can see your tears.”
  • ”Once trust has broken you can not rebuild it on a wall of sand.”
  • ”Truth hurts once but a lie hurts for a whole life.”
  • ”If you can not fix a broken heart, you are not allowed to hurt someone.”
  • ”Sometimes apologizing someone cannot heal wounds by you, it is time for separation.”
  • ”No one has hurdles to get his love if he truly loves, nothing is impossible.”
sad breakup status

Breakup Status that will make you cry

  • ”I did not want 0ur breakup but now you have decided to go, I will not be in your way, stay happy.”
  • ”Once you have broken my heart, apologize is just relaxing, even wound can be healed but its sign never go, breaking trust is same, once trust broken can not rebuild like the first experience.”
  • ”BREAKUP is not ‘’breaking relation’’ it is about ‘’ breaking heart.”
  • ”The most painful memory I have is when I walked away, and you let me leave.”
  • ”There are certain people who are not meant to fit in your life, no matter how much you want them to be.”
  • ”When Never be sad for what is over, Just be glad that it was once yours!”
  • ”If you were happy with the wrong one just think how happy you will be when the right one comes.”
  • ”Relationships are very simple. There are only two things that can happen. You either get married or your break up.”

Breakup status for boys

  • ”You took away my heart and gave away memories.”
  • ”I thought you are like Hercules for me, will save me when I will drown.”
  • ”You broke a promise & made me realize. It was all just a lie.”
  • ”What we planned, what we thought everything was the imaginary wave.”
  • ”Don’t think you made me stupid, that was my trust in you which ditched.”
  • ”Love is very easy to do, hard to end.”
  • ”Sometimes when I say: I am okay. I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say: I know you’re not.”
  • ”It is best to be alone Than start with someone who makes you feel alone.”
  • ”You broke a promise and made me feel. It was all just a lie.”
  • ”When I look at you my heart skips a beat, but later than beat could mean a lifetime of tears wasted on something I knew I could never have.”
  • ”My biggest fear is that one day we will pass each other on the streets and have an artificial conversation.”
  • ”My heart only fought for what it wanted. Now my heart is having to fight to let him go.
  • ”Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”
  • ”You broke a promise and made me realize. It was all just a lie.”

Breakup Status for girls

When someone you care about does you dirty, it really painful, but what hurts, even more, is when you have a bad gut feeling about them, but trust them and give them the benefit of the doubt anyway, and your guts end up being right. That feels like they ripped your heart out.

  • ”The beautiful mistake of my life was loving you.”
  • ”Her hairs, her aroma, her body, when I think about the past I just cry.”
  • ”I miss my baby, I just want her from my side.”
love breakup status
love breakup status
  • ”You were my baby, but I think that was the biggest mistake of my life.”
  • ”No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.”
breakup status for girlfriend
Breakup status for a girlfriend

Breakup Status in Hindi

  • ”Jb Pyaar Kiya Sacha –bewfaai main Kahan dam tha—jis jga hy mera dil toota—vahan jan ka fikr b kam tha.”
  • ”Pyaar main sirf dhoka hy , pyaar krna hy to sirf apnay ghr valon say krvo , varna dil py lagi chot seeny k liyay b koi nahi ata.”
  • ”Muhabt time pass ka bahana hy dosto , bs frq yahi hy koi 5 saal nikal laita hy to koi 5 din.”
  • ”Kisi k chor Janay say dil py aik ghaao lag jata hy , koi maafi mang bhi lay , ham maaf to kr detay hain laikin vo ghaao ka nishan nahi jata.”
breakup status in hindi

breakup status in hindi

  • ”Aisa q hay jis py zyada aitmaad kro vo hi dhokh deta hy”
  • ”Jisay jitna chaho gay utna hi pechtaao gy”
  • ”Main zinda to hu tumhry bhgair bhi , lakin sazaye mot k kisi mayus qiadi ki trah.”
  • ”Faaltu main milay ham tum say ,bekaar main muhabt sy bharosa uth gya.”
  • ”Dil tornay k baad maafi mangna aisa hy , jaisay kisi k azaa kaat k usay chalnay kay liyay kaha jayay.”
  • ”larkon ky dil mzbut hotay hain toot bhi jayain to jur jata hain , lkin larkiyan nazuk hoti hain aik dfa dil toot jayay to mot hi unka muqadr hoti hay.”
breakup status in hindi

Breakup status in Hindi for a girlfriend

  • ”एक बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति को एक ही व्यक्ति से दो बार धोखा नहीं दिया जाना चाहिए.”
  • ”uski khusbu aj by meray Badan say jhalkti hay, mubt aik khal nahi hay jo aik din main chor diya or dusray din bhul gay.”
  • ”उसने मेरे शुद्ध प्रेम के बजाय पैसा चुना.”
  • ”तुम मेरे दिल पर घाव नहीं भर सकते.”
  • ”भरोसा रेत की दीवार की तरह होता है, एक बार टूट जाने पर उसे दोबारा नहीं बनाया जा सकता.”
  • ”Bharosa rait ki dewar ki trah hota hy aik dfa toot gya to dobara nahi jhora ja skta.”
breakup status in hindi

Breakup status in Hindi for boyfriend

  • ”जब लड़का छोड़ने की कोशिश करता है, तो उसे रोकने की कोशिश करें, लेकिन जब लड़की छोड़ने की कोशिश करती है, तो उसे जाने की अनुमति दें क्योंकि वह पहले ही छोड़ चुकी है.”
  • ‘मजा चख लेने दो उसे गेरो की मोहबत का भी, इतनी चाहत के बाद जो मेरा न हुआ वो ओरो का क्या होगा।.”
  • ”बिछड़ने वाले तेरे लिए, एक मशवरा है कभी हमारा ख्याल आए, तो अपना ‘ख्याल’ रखना!”
  • ”बेवफ़ाओं की महफ़िल लगेग ी, आज ज़रा वक़्त पर आना ”मेहमान-ए-ख़ास  हो तुम।.”
attitude breakup status

Breakup Status in attitude (for girlfriend and boyfriend)

  • ”what you think, I will die without you? see how much strength I am.”
  • ”once you will realize that you have left moon while counting stars.”
  • ”Save your pride if you can not save your relation.”
  • ”I am responsible for everything because I gave you worth more than you deserve.”
  • ”giving a person more worth than he deserves he will make you worthless.”
  • ”I have lost everything but I saved my attitude, it will bring everything back now.”
  • Maybe I could not give you anything, but I gave you respect nobody can give.
  • ”we think when we leave someone we have ruined their life but we do not know that is the actual point where strong persons take a stand.”
  • ”love is not about losing your worth, your pride and your self-respect, love is about saving all these things when you will lose any of them just quit and move forward.”
breakup status in attitude
Breakup status in attitude

Sad Breakup Status

  • ”I can not replace you because there is no one else like you.”
  • ”if someone is really into you, do not have to keep begging then for a text, a call or to spend time, they will do it if you are a priority.”
  • ”you were the half that made me whole.”
  • ”yes, you are on my mind right now, and yeah I can not help it.”
  • ”I wish you were here or I was there.”
  • ”you taught me every lesson of life, told me everything but never tell me how I can live without you.”
breakup status sad

breakup status sad

Breakup Status in Marathi

  • ”कॉपी करणे तात्पुरते आहे, प्रेम कायम आहे.”
  • ”आमच्या संततीमुळे माझ्या हृदयावर जखम झाला, जो बरे होऊ शकत नाही.”
  • ”मी तुला बदलू शकत नाही, तुझ्यासारखा दुसरा कोणीही नाही.”
  • ”प्रेम आयुष्यात एकदा असू शकते, आपण ज्या गोष्टी बारकाईने करतो ते प्रेम नसते.”
  • ”आपण आपल्याशिवाय कसे जगू याशिवाय मला सर्व काही शिकवले.”
  • ”प्रेम या जगात फक्त काल्पनिक आहे, प्रेम पुन्हा अस्तित्त्वात नाही.”
breakup status in marathi

Funny breakup Texts

  • ”Never get jealous when seeing your ex with someone else, he really deserves this kind of shits.”
  • ”What about those breakups, when boyfriend suddenly sees her girl without makeup.”
  • ”I did not promise you that even you cheat me and I will be with you, go and breeze now in open terrace.”
  • ”I did not sad when I see my ex with someone else, mostly i through my used toys for less fortunate.”
  • ”People asking me how to rebuild their relationship after a breakup, who can tell them am still single.”
  • ”Breakup reasons now a day,, you breathe and did not tell me?”
  • ”If someone cheats you I really recommend a punch on his/her face, stay cool and now have a cup of ice cream.”
  • ”Good things about a breakup, now I will not share a bite of pizza.”
  • ”I can live without because I was born without you.”
  • ”My ex means expired nothing more nothing less.”
  • ”life is like a road on mountains so jump of breakup is not a new thing, heal wounds and move forward.”
funny breakup status

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Things to conclude from breakup status are just a way of feelings which flow every time in every lover’s mind. It is hard to leave someone you love most in this world. After a breakup, it is a hard situation to handle this incident.

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