699 Funny wifi Names that will bemock your crazy neighbor

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Why change your default router name into custom name from our list ‘’ funny wifi names’’?. While using my wifi, I would like to display my SSIDs name as ‘’ I’m under your bed’’ to neighbor rather than boring default name ‘’admin or gear link. These kinds of funny wifi names look cooler and believe me my every SSIDs name has a story behind it. Everybody has a specific interest like, sports, movies, seasons, gaming, so their wifi names can be their interest.

We hope our collection of wifi names will inspire your sense of humor. Your SSIDs will not allow putting question marks in a custom name so these names are just to carry fluent lines.

Funny wifi Names

  • Buy Yours
  • Mom use this one
  • Hey we are terrorist
  • I believe wi can fi
  • Go to hell
  • Use your own
  • Only for girls
  • Virus is coming
  • Mini militia
  • Run, here is a bomb
  • Who is the hot girl
  • Does she have bf?
  • Fuck you
  • Clean my house, use wifi
  • Game of Thrones
  • Network error
  • 404 error
  • Wifi is not available
  • In washroom
  • White house
  • House of Donald Trump
  • Security issue
  • Wifi is not available
  • Zombies plz ate my neighbor
  • Not connected
  • Wifi will hurt you
  • Connecting can build a connection
  • Shutup
  • Never ask for a password
  • The boy next to the door
  • The girl next door
  • 000000
  • Wifi suspended
  • Police coming

Funny wifi Names Puns

Puns are not jokes, I think puns are more than jokes . while I want to choose awesome wifi network names. I will prefer funny wifi names puns rather than casual lines. Here is the list of funny wifi names puns 2019’s list.

read some sassy captions

  • Get your own wifi
  • Use wifi, ignore me
  • My wifi will kill you
  • 2 girls 1 router
  • Try again
  • Hidden trouble
  • Martin router king
  • Plz jealous
  • Oh thief
  • Will you marry me?
  • Will you unmarry me?
  • Bitch, go buy your personality
  • Blank head
  • Cheap boy
  • Wifi connected, relation broken
  • Wife store
  • No password
  • Don’t hack my wifi, hack my wife
  • Wifi went wrong
  • Don’t watch porn
  • Spoil my mood, not router
  • Titanic syncing
  • Swalla lala
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Run bitch
  • Play like player
  • Get away dog
  • This one not for you
Funny wifi names
Funny wifi names

Common wifi Names

List funny wifi router names didn’t end, common wifi names are those which mostly used by people .this list is the combination of funny, awesome and puns lines.

  • No wifi  no cry
  • Wifi will fuck your mood
  • Use the internet not wifi
  • Don’t watch porn on my wifi
  • Just for porn
  • You are a bloody fool
  • Wifi for pc
  • Wifi for bc
  • Wifi for your wife
  • Only for iPhone users
  • Only for blackberry users
  • Use windows
  • Oh black mouse
  • Run fast
  • Go, bitch
  • Changing password
  • Love me
  • Trump’s house
  • No signal
  • Don’t try to connect me
  • 99problems
  • We are a virus
  • Virus is coming
  • Fucking ninja
  • Morning slap
  • Get wifi, send your birth certificate
  • Avengers router
  • Wifi meme
  • A little fraud
  • I am single
  • Not single
  • Don’t disturb my wifi
  • High fight, little wifi
  • Go fly bitch

Dirty wifi Names

I am not going over 18 as some people, sorry at least my friends make a plot of the word ‘’dirty ‘’ in their mind like something crazy is going to happen. let us enjoy some best ideas.

  • I am cheating my wife
  • My wifi is not for your wife
  • Use on bed
  • A bed is free, wifi is paid
  • The promised LAN
  • Your soulmate
  • Gang bang
  • Porn hub
  • Give wife, take wifi
  • Wife Lover
  • Bill  clinternet
  • Herry router
  • Ven derouter
  • Life is buffering
  • Finally dropped
  • Hug me like a boss
  • Current in wifi
  • Get Killed
  • Searching…..
  • No LAN for wicked

Cute wifi Names

‘’Hot ice’’ is cute? Are you ok?. Yes, am ok, because at least I never seen Hot ice in my life .so enjoy some more crazy wifi names.

  • Hot ice
  • Wifi fo fun
  • Wifi for beginners
  • Only fo gf
  • Honey bunny
  • This Ac is hot
  • Hot than your ass
  • Carom board date
  • Squidward
  • No, you don’t
  • Cheating you
  • Cute bunny
  • Use my wifi
  • My girl your wifi
  • Not for virus
  • One night stand
  • White house
  • Best wifi names
  • Get stuck
  • Penny get your own wifi
  • Resistance is futile
  • Wakanda wifi
  • Lan before time
  • Google it
  • No password
  • Beggar go for your own
  • Wifi at g spot
  • Fill wifi rules
  • This is not the wifi for you looking
  • Duzz duzz
  • Turn on your wifi
  • Get shitty
  • Get swiftly
  • POP IT
  • Lan of bo’’s
  • Get outta my way
  • Dial-Up
  • We do not forgive
  • Wfif Calibur
  • Hitlers router
  • Rout your router
  • Flawless is braless
  • Psyco’s home
  • Josh Brolin
  • Next home
  • Bad habits
  • Thermal masturbation camera 6
  • Router? I hardly know her
  • Every day I am buffering
  • Penny is freeloader
  • Join me or die
  • Wireless g spot
  • Use own wife my wifi
  • Wifi only wife
  • O beggar
  • Not a school lab
  • Ex wifi
  • Link is broken
  • Not connected
  • Love bite
  • Relation connected
  • Nacho wireless
  • Share your wifi save your wifi
  • Harry balls
  • Welcome to the hood
  • Volume down
  • There’s current in a router
  • Zombies connection
  • Lord of pings
  • The only fool clicks this one
  • Marvel wifi names
  • Mutant LAN
  • Wifi Lisa
  • Angle dust
  • Cable
  • Made in cave
  • Spiderman
  • Friday
  • I am iron man
  • Shield
  • Project Insight
  • Bad kitty
  • T challan
  • Ebola is here
  • Connect boss
  • Black widow personal
  • Wifi uranium
  • Skylab
  • Iron man
  • Power Cosmic
  • No string on me
  • Bill forest
  • My guardian
  • Java
  • Phoenix is here
  • Ringman
  • Whisper boy
  • Spiderman web is here
  • Titanic wifi
  • Cowboy
  • Cockpit
  • Games of Thrones
  • Strongest avenger
  • Star-lord
  • Homecoming
  • Kill you
  • Popout
  • Bat man’s bat
  • Shawarma
  • Happy Friday
  • Don’t scratch
  • Happy holiday
  • Harry potter
  • Go gyal
  • Swalla,lla
  • Anaconda
  • Blend end
  • Zombies dance
  • Copy cat
funny wifi names
funny wifi names

Harry Potter wifi Names

Harry Potter was my hero in the grade. now even I get older and my hero is still at 18.Once searched‘’superhero wifi names ‘’ on google and list was like ‘’harry potter hero. harry potter superhero, so I decided to choose to harry potter again my superhero.

  • Harry router
  • You are heart
  • My wifi potter
  • Connect to patronum
  • Obliviate

(somehow looking good to remember your password)

  • Palacio

(For someone who wants peace and remains quite)

  • Magic is might
  • Internet porter
  • Dumble wifi
  • Floo network
  • My harry
  • Alberto
  • Magical wifi
  • Descend
  • Erecto
  • Chamber of internet

Doctor Who wifi Names

  • Omg its Router
  • It is Christmas dude, am shutting down
  • Yes yes; MR Moffa plz hurt me more
  • Hey good; can you steal my password
  • Nacho wifi
  • My wifi Is better than yours
  • I am clever, your potato
  • Men ate, eggs stir, and wifi connects
  • I am the doctor who will run for your life
  • Knock know ‘ here’s wifi doctor

Hilarious Wifi Names

When word ‘’ hilarious’’  comes in mind, I think something crazy is going to happen. The list is not about pokemon wifi names, the list is not about rick and Morty wifi names. Hilarious means just laugh and laugh till you can. here is the list of some best SSDIs names with meaning and a story behind them.

  • Hogwarts great hall wifi

It is actually a funny story behind ‘’ Hogwarts great hall wifi ‘.My grandma calls we face instead of wifi, so I am not going to be angry with her because she was not the part of a digital age.

  • Moose

Looking like someone even don’t know about the mouse

  • Sissy sissy

A poor boy like me fights with word ‘’ sassy sassy ‘’ still want to keep his savage.

  • Hide your kids hide your wife

The funniest wifi name I ever heard in my life. so what it actually means?

  • It’s sign

Oh, its actual sign?

  • Mom use this one

My mom actually does not know much about wifi and am sure the boy who is using this name his mom also don’t know so he just wants to let her know for GOD sake mom use this one and don’t irritate me more. irritate like mom asking me every time which one I should use? Tlrt1, tlrt2, Nightgear, 1 Zong modem or  tp link? oh mom just use this ‘’mom use this one ‘’.

  • One does not simply connect wifi

Maybe he is right

  • Shut up your dogs

, maybe your neighbor is shouting ‘’shut up your dogs’’ than I will share wifi with you

  • Pink ladies

That is not a club bar, guys actually my neighbor has this name wifi don’t know what he wants to show by this wifi name.

  • My neighbor’s suck

Probably this guy hates his neighbors

  • Get out of my lawn

I hate my neighbors who are not interested to use their wifi and walk the whole day in a lawn to use my wifi

  • Your music is annoying

So someone is pissed off with neighbors music and then neighbor responds your grammar is more annoying so in this way they twalk , oh poor

Funny wifi names reddit

  • Buddy, please go home
  • Too fly for my wifi
  • Secret math lab
  • How tall is tall
  • Join for virus
  • Don’t you dare connect
  • Haha you don’t know the password
  • Fbi surveillance van
  • Forgot my wifi password
  • Carl’spornstudio yes
  • My wife is actually not your wifi
  • Only wifi 0 hax
  • Chickheremom
  • Blackmoon’
  • Pretty fly for a wifi
  • Monkey Nutz
  • You mom you ugly
  • Hillary clinternet
  • My milkshake
  • Bring all the boys to the yard
  • Fbi server
  • Cia server
  • Get your own loser
  • It’s a trap
  • Eat butts
  • Bill wi the science fi
  • Stay the hell out

Clever wifi Names reddit

  • My wifi name is crappy  so I named it whyfi
  • Big ass tv
  • Wi believe I can fi
  • Pakerland and big moma
  • I found your wallet
  • Fbi van #4
  • You feed the wifi and wifi feeds on you
  • Hook it up
  • Get your own wifi bro
  • I feel connection
  • Don’t connect
  • I have seen you naked
  • Christmas dinner
  • Talls sexy 123
  • Stenny bug
  • I pray for this not for you
  • No this is Patrick
  • Bacon strips
  • White house guest
  • Hack it if you can
  • Virgin wifi, only amusing
  • I made you waffle
  • Hackme
  • Tell my wife love her
  • Stay out of my wifi
  • Lol you have no network
  • Jimmy merin meh
  • Jellyfish
  • Screeches
  • Your data collected
cute wifi names
cute wifi names

Cool wifi Names

  • Ouch sat on my nuts
  • Who’s your daddy
  • My wife is better than yours
  • Sorry for the loud sex
  • Martin router king
  • Dora, the internet explorer
  • Get a life, a kid will ya
  • Find hort it
  • Oh, no baby, what you are doing?
  • I like big butts and I can’t lie
  • Weefy
  • Humpyou couch
  • Deez nuts
  • Get off my WLAN
  • Role play sex
  • Fbi Van
  • Free hat
  • HOME stark
  • Penis kingdom
  • Rainbow warrior
  • Lan of the free
  • Flamingos for sale
  • I got an ass so big like a sun
  • Tell my wifi to love her
  • We can see you showering
  • It is CCTV wifi
  • We like it when you watch
  • Only not you are watching porn
  • We are the weakest linkys
  • Girls went wireless
  • Ip when I sneeze
  • First victory against the evil
  • Meat is murder
  • Meat is delicious
  •  We have caught your grandpa
  • Your music is annoying’
  • All your bandwidth belong to us
  • Eagle
  • Kingfisher
  • Wifi junk

Good wifi names

  • It hurts when IP
  • Luke am your wifi
  • Mr steal your wifi
  • Connecto patronum
  • Wifi wonderland
  • You kids get off my LAN
  • Only older ladies connect it
  • My wifi has a g spot, and am using it
  • Stop using our internet
  • Tell my wifi to love her
  • I love you more than your husband
  • Your dogs shit in my yard
  • Get your own net bro
  • Password is password
  • Break the bed
  • Kinky
  • Newlyweds
  • Unprotected cex
  • House under construction
  • Wifi under construction
  •  router problems
  • The LAN before Time
  • Don’t be that cheap
  • Focus on the service
  • Tinklenberg
  • Apple is better than Samsung
  • Only IOS not for android
  • The only gay can connect
  • Connect it gay
  • Nacho wifi
  • Wifi is not your, its our
  • Lets exchange, give me wife, take wifi
  • Pay your own wifi
  • NO pie
  • My salty chocolate balls
  • Loading…
  • Promised LAN

Wifi jokes

I promise there is a story behind every joke, I don’t know about others but there is a story behind every joke. These jokes can be the experience of some people or ideas from humorous rich guys. Some people shared their wifi pickup lines stories and some shared serious troubles while using free wifi.

Harry Potter and Hogwarts

  • I heard from someone in the Harry Potter community that once she was looking for Wifi, then she saw one called “Hogwarts” but you had to give the password to enter. So she just tried the spell “Alahomora” (which is the spell of unlocking things if you didn’t know) and it actually worked. This is so creative.

Not for you bye

  • My brother changed our wifi name to “NotForYouBye” And I guess our neighbor saw it and changed their’s to “WellOkayThen

Hoof Arted

  • My neighbor’s WiFi is Hoof Arted. Don’t get it? Read it out loud quickly.

Don’t Connect it

  • My Wifi Name: Don’t connect because it’s not connectable Your Neighbors Wifi Name: Ok, Connect to mine because its connectable

House is carl’s studio

  • Somebodies wifi name near my cousins’ house is “Carl’sPornStudioYAS”Then it went away and never showed up again XD I just didn’t want to know

Go to hell

  • Our WiFi name is…Go to hell My sister named it because our neighbors always hack our wifi so she named it like that.

Gonna be feed you

  • My WiFi Name is gonna be U Feed the WiFi and it feeds on you, Like if you get the reference I did … Edit: no it’s not a meme


  • My babysitter`s wifi password is: BigAssTV and every time I go to her house I laugh.

Bill the science Fi

  • I was at someone’s condo and they had a wifi network called “Bill Wi the Science Fi” And then another person in the condo had one named.
wifi jokes
wifi jokes

My milkshake

  • Your Wi-Fi name: My milkshakes Your neighbor’s Wi-Fi name: Bring all the boys to the yard.


  • saw someone’s wifi was literally Hogwarts (yes Hogwarts) and I tried the password “Alohomora” and it worked, god bless.

Don’t you dare to connect

  • Someone on my streets WiFi is “Don’t you dare connect” ? and another I’ve seen at my friends house is “haha you don’t know the password”.


  • Wifi password:2444666668888888 Then just say:12345678 One times 2 three times 4 five times 6 seven times 8

Hack if you can

  • last night I changed my WiFi name to ” hack it if you can ” … Next morning it changed itself to ” challenge accepted “


  • My house is next to a cafe called speco and I changed my name to speco2 so everyone will think is the cafe’s WiFi and type speco or speco’s phone number for a password.

Free wifi

  • A man received a message ‘’ hey Michael am your neighbor and am using your wife ‘’. I am using it day and night, I use it when I am free. I use it when being drunk. but now am feeling guilty want to tell you. A man got furious after reading a message and knock his door and started to fight with him, so you are using my wife? No that can be spelling mistake let me check.

Give wife ,take wifi

  • I used my wifi name as ‘’ give wife, take wifi’’. My neighbor got furious on this password.


  • Once saw a wifi name that was Hogwarts and I tried as password alohomora and it worked… I died.

Why you would you fly when you have wifi

  • My wifi password is “why would you fly when you have wifi”.


  • For almost my entire life I thought “lmao” was a short form for “lame-o”. And then I discovered it was laughing my ass off. Please forgive me. 1 like = 1 forgiving person. P.s I know I sound like a kid asking for likes but meh… I just want to see how many likes dis gets

I can see you

  • The funniest wifi name I’ve seen is “I can see you” And I actually have a picture of it on my phone. XD

My goldfish died

  • I saw a Wifi name last week and the name was: My goldfish died 2 hours ago and I bought it today I was like.

Funny wifi names 2020

  • I now pronounce u man and wifi
  • Bring beer and women to 40.2
  • Call me maybe
  • Enjoy 69
  • I am n idiot
  • Your baby is really ugly
  • We are always watching
  • Cybersecurity
  • I am behind you
  • Titanic syncing
  • Solve your problems
  • We don’t have wifi
  • Don’t freeload on my wifi
  • If you can have your wife, go for wifi
  • Bandwidth slowdown
  • Upcoming ghost
  • The passwords are 1234
  • Found nake
  • Nake and afraid
  • Free public wifi
  • Use in washroom
  • My dog in your lawn
  • My Christmas dinner
  • Life in fast LAN
  • Ignore this one

Wifi Puns

Here are some funny wifi names

  • Call me maybe

When you are giving hints, tear crushes, yes I do want to turn this wifi could call me maybe is that yes because it’s wifi right?

  • I can hear you’re having sex
  • I can hear you walking off to it
  • You need me on you

Don’t know what exactly this man want?

  • Willyoumarryme

Assume if you have password ‘’yes I will marry you’’

  • Click for virus
  • Virus-infected internet
clever wifi names
clever wifi names

Funny wifi names in Hindi

Hindi is the local language of India, I have seen and collected the best ideas from India. Funny wifi names in Punjabi is also a collection from Indian Punjab.here is the list of some cool and savage wifi names in Hindi.

  • Apna lgva bhikari
  • Bathroom sy nikal
  • Hugo or wifi jago
  • Baap say panga
  • Chl khotay
  • Modi Sarkar jindabad
  • Chl nikal
  • Oye porn na dekh
  • Meri gf bno ge?
  • Dekh k hilao
  • Ja apna khrid ly
  • Bhukh chor
  • Oye bhikaari ki olad
  • 10 rupay ka 2o minute
  • Shkl dakh , kaam daikh
  • Dahi dhodh
  • Panga na lay

Indian also read Cute indian nicknames for baby

Funny wifi names in Pakistan

  • Papu yar tang na kar
  • Biwi day password lay
  • Zor ka jhatka holy sy laga
  • Pak army zindabad
  • Dekh k hila lay
  • Chal apna kaam kr
  • Bachon ka khail
  • Mery paisay jaali hain
  • Apna lgva
  • Oye bhukchor
  • Internet pkg use kr ghreeb
  • Namaz parhaa kr
  • Hasad na kr dua kr

Funny wifi passwords

I always go for clever password ideas which are easy to remember, tricky to guess. I didn’t collect a casual bunch of password, every password idea has a tricky story behind it.

  • Give me 100 bucks

When someone told me his password; give me 500 bucks’’ I asked why I should give you 500 bucks? please let me know your wifi password he again said give me ‘’ 500 bucks. I was furious and just said I don’t want it. he said oh fool that is my password ‘’ give me 5oo bucks.

  • 2444666668888888

use this wifi password:2444666668888888 when someone asks just say: 12345678. which means one times 2 three times 4 five times 6 and 7 times 8

  • That’s not my wifi

When someone will ask what is your wifi password you can say

‘’that is not my wifi’’ at least your not lying.

  • I don’t remember
  • Buy a drink first

once I went to a hotel and asked for a WiFi password they said”buy a drink first” I thought that only then would they gimme the password so bought many drinks until I realized that it was the password.

  • Incorrect

Your password should be”incorrect” because when you will type incorrect password then the computer ? will automatically tell you that your password is incorrect!

  • Hogwarts

I saw someone’s wifi was literally Hogwarts (yes Hogwarts) and I tried the password “Alohomora” and it worked, god bless

My uncles are… ICANTHEARYOUITSDARKINHERE The password No, this is Patrick

  • No this is Patrick

My wi-fi name: Are you rec? Password: NoThisIsPatrick

  • What’s 2+2

my wifi was named Name: What’s 2+2 Password: FoUr

  • joke

I saw a wifi network called “the password is a joke” then I typed is a joke it worked ?

  • EA games

My Wi-Fi name is EA Games and the password is Micro-Transactions (no joke)


Found one at my Aunty’s house called “The LAN before time”… EDIT: password was yesthatsourname


Someone using its password ‘’you don’t’’

  • Challenge accepted

I changed my wifi name to “Hack me if you can” yesterday. And today it’s changed to: “Challenge accepted”

  • T series

My friend said one I tried to use t series as my password but when I try it shown me, ‘’your password is weak;

  • Connected

Connected… was connection name and only connected can be your password

  • Mexico

Wifi: Who’s going to pay for it? Password: Mexico.

List of wifi passwords

When we purchase router there is a default password set on it. We should always make it custom. Some common wifi passwords.

  • Public
  • Password
  • Commonsense
  • Password123
  • 12345678
  • Password987
  • User
  • Admin
  • Google
  • Abc123
  • Iloveyou
  • Lateman
  • hatershateme
  • Password available
  • Password12345
  • Adobe123
  • Common123
  • Sunshine
  • Office use
  • Monkey
  • Down7
  • Azerty
  • 00000
wifi password list
wifi password list

Clever password ideas

  • Cocomo321
  • Spidermanwithweb
  • Cricket321
  • Shockme
  • Shoutmeloud
  • Donthackit
  • Tangolove
  • Whitehouse
  • Donald Trump
  • Shocking432
  • Leitner

How to Secure your wifi

Everybody has a question in mind, how to protect wifi from neighbors’’. Yes, there are some possible solutions that nobody can use your wifi.secure your wifi on any device.

Here are the 5 important tips to save your wifi, and make it secure for yourself.

#5 Change your router password.

The router is the gateway between your network and outside world.so it is really important to protect it with a strong password. After all, it contains the password to your wifi and gives control to the people they can do within your network.it is really common for the people to leave the default password in place. So don’t use a custom password from router like 12345678 or admin.i would recommend using a strong password with a combination of letters and words. It should be strong here are some examples.

  • Prob45$5yuio
  • Cut87#oop
  • Ctri88io(o)

#4 Turn off WPS

Always turn off WPS technology, press button on the top of your router and create a fast connection effectively for a new device to join the network.

#3 Turn off remote management

This recommendation should not apply to lot of people, so remote management is a feature which is usually turned off by default and people turn it on to be able to potentially log in to their router to tweak things while they are at work or any other site. You should not use or turn it on this function.

#2 Look after your devices

Always look after your devices, so always keep in mind any insecure device on your network puts it in risk.so maintain any antivirus software, any local firewall and patch the operating system.dodododododon’t forget to apply this on all devices so you may instantly think of a desktop pc, laptop but never forget about mobile devices too.

#1 Make your SSD obscure

This is the name of your network in effect. A lot of people recommend hiding your SSD, but it provides a very weak form of protection, it is extremely easy to bypass this action.whether or not you choose to hide your SSD, I would still say to think carefully about it. Never leave it to default or on the name of your family member or guardian.so here is the recommendation to use something neutral.

How to change your wifi names

That is also a big problem, I tried o cover it in three easy steps and video link, you can easily change the name and password of your wifi.

  • First of all, go to your command prompt. here type a word ‘’ IP config’’.so note your IP address to your gateway.under gateway you will see your password.ip address would be somehow like numbers separated with HYPHENS.
  • Open your browser and type here your IP address.so you will get password and username login. default would be like admin or admin password.
  • Go into Netgear and find here wireless settings.so here is the name of your network which is basically SSDIs.click on the edit button and change it.
  • Here below is the password option, you can change a password from it.

What are your suggestions?

I know there is no way to end this discussion people always come with new ideas. I have listened to a new idea with every person. maybe your neighbor has more annoying or irritating wifi name or even there passwords can be funnier. drop your best suggestions in comments. the best one we will include in our article with your name.


Being apart funny. keeping secure and custom wifi is the desire of every person. our team tried to cover whole wifi related spots in a single article. there are flaws in everything so your suggestion to corrects it would be really worthy for us.

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