300+ Group Name for 3 Friends

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3 Friends are blessings of God. There are pros and cons of having 3 friends in your group but there are more perks for 3 friends. But according to elite daily group of three friends, it can be challenging for you. Many people want to enjoy the simplicity of the duo and love only one friend.

Why it is challenging to be trios? So the answer is simple one extra friend can be more complex or dynamic to handle. But the friendship of two is also not good. There is no one to handle any harsh situation between them.

It is good to give the name of your group of 3 friends. A Catchy Name for a group is easy to remember and call. Your friends will remember you with this name. You can use it as a tagline. Group names are best to keep them on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and snap chat.

Group Name for 3 Best Friends

  1. Trio Family
  2. Three Idiots
  3. 3 Bunkers
  4. Doom Hackers
  5. Heart Hackers
  6. Chat Hustle
  7. Lucky Charms
  8. Juicy Nickers
  9. Trio Birds
  10. Flock Together
  11. Two Birds One Phone
  12. Crazy Engineers
  13. 3 wonders
  14. Open Books
  15. Black Ninjas
  16. Colony of Weirdos
  17. Glue Tuckers
  18. Bounday Hunter
  19. Kite Runners
  20. Long Phsyco
  21. Black Heads
  22. Dream Team
  23. Flock 3
  24. Nihght Wolves
  25. Wrong Turn Heroes
  26. Nightshade Family
  27. Tomato lovers
  28. Chat Lounge
  29. Sparta Engineers
  30. White Hunters
  31. EFFY dinosaurs
  32. On the Wire
  33. Across the sea
  34. Brothers from another mother
  35. Name lickers
  36. Callow birds
  37. Philaderers
  38. Plan Funda
  39. The Cool Gang
  40. Nuts and Bolts
  41. Recycle bin
  42. Tech Ninja
  43. Night Chaos
  44. Hot cheetos
  45. Rack and Pack
  46. Bonding
  47. Strong Ties
  48. Friends for life
  49. Hail Marys
  50. Boots and Skirts
  51. Makeup Kit
  52. Lifelines
  53. Tag Heart
  54. Goldleaf
  55. Hijack
  56. Jam Delight
  57. Hot shots
  58. Stars Burners
  59. Lords of ring
  60. Fast and Furious
  61. South patch kids
  62. Quarter-life crisis
  63. Adolf Hitler lovers
  64. Storm Riders
  65. Party bunkers
  66. School bunkers
  67. The Insomniacs
  68. Study buddy
  69. Library Lurkers
  70. Hang over
  71. Dear ones
  72. Drunk Noted
  73. The Herd
  74. X mates
  75. Room mates
  76. Chatter box
  77. Tv bunkers
  78. Amazing Pals
  79. Snack Perks
  80. The back benchers
  81. Junior stunts
  82. Study wars
  83. Cool nerds
  84. Ultimate Nerds
  85. Kingdom
  86. Lets skype
  87. Library lurkers
  88. The rat pack
  89. Rules of fight club
  90. fully clothed
  91. Full deck
  92. The best wing
  93. Friends for life
  94. ABC doctors
  95. Wondering Minds
  96. 3 Packs
  97. Fully loaded
  98. Han NOT SOLO
  99. Back to the future
  100. Life is a highway
cool 3 friends group name

Group Chat Name for 3 Friends

  1. Childhood choppers
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. We talk alot
  4. Russia from backyard
  5. Canadian Fingers
  6. Justin biber fans
  7. Calikings
  8. Shoes and toes
  9. Toy snatchers
  10. Eastcost sons
  11. Human trees
  12. Wrong turn winners
  13. Bingo Bikers
  14. Waste brains
  15. Noor Shadow
  16. We hustle for living
  17. Are you there
  18. Stay online
  19. Chat booster
  20. Kite Runners
  21. Eggs in Messanger
  22. Low shade Night
  23. Half moons
  24. The peanut gallery
  25. Mayan Calendar
  26. River filled
  27. Sea Dimmers
  28. Tom, Dick and Harry
  29. Belly ups
  30. Daily Dude
  31. Victoria jeans
  32. KFC
  33. Fryin’ Hawaiians
  34. Dragonflies
  35. Christmas Coal
  36. Gentleman’s club
  37. Clever cats
  38. High Drifters
  39. Cherry choppers
  40. Drop the bombs
  41. Clear Emojis
  42. Jamba juicy
  43. Pot of Gold
  44. A Periwinkle in Time
  45. Local loosers
  46. Across borders
  47. Little Moons
  48. More than bros
  49. Chapter closed
  50. Start running

Cool Group Name for 3 Friends

  1. Legal bachelors
  2. My lovers kingdom
  3. Cousins family
  4. The ladybugs
  5. little spoons
  6. Giggles
  7. Night Routines
  8. Shaddy look
  9. snickerdoodles
  10. Lolirock
  11. Miraculous group
  12. fearless friends
  13.  flawless
  14. Hula Hoop
  15. The Felines
  16. blooming bunnies
  17. study Buddies
  18. hangout today
  19. Hot Cheetos
  20.  choir of angel
  21. Queen Bees
  22. The insomniacs
  23. Thalua club
  24. belly buddies
  25. Banian Tree
  26. Businesss shoes
  27. Negotiation Nobe
  28. Spicy cheetos
  29. Nicker singer
  30. Cool casino
  31. Rice kidding
  32. Fifteen plus
  33. Unique lovers
  34. Cotton cage
  35. Non Custom
  36. Don’t Blame the Player
  37. The happy hour
  38. Rock and roll
  39. Bachelor’s party
  40. Area 51
  41. Freak out
  42. Game of phones
  43. Find skippers
  44. Into the void
  45. Now you see me
  46. is this real life
  47. Remote access
  48. Talk your ear off
  49. Mountain plus
  50. Into world
cute group names

Cute Group Name for 3 Friends

  1. The Invincibles
  2. faboulous three
  3. Silent killers
  4. I hate small talk
  5. My walkie talkie
  6. Finding Memo
  7. Hear the music
  8. House of hunters
  9. The drifters
  10. we talk alot
  11. Awesome bloopers
  12. Three idiots
  13. unlimited talks
  14. Extraterrestrials
  15. Troll squad
  16. Forever love
  17. small ties
  18. Cute bundles
  19. My pupies
  20. Cat shadow
  21. Hearts of Gold
  22. Nice But Nuts
  23. Inspiration feed
  24. Green light
  25. Best of bachelors
  26. Rotten apple
  27. Geek squad
  28. The Chameleons
  29. The rebel
  30. Forever tight
  31. Ride or die
  32. Mean girls
  33. Apple of my eye
  34. Brod lovers
  35. Salt and pepper
  36. Walka walka
  37. Wounded talks
  38. Heart desire
  39. All dreamy
  40. Cool Chicks Apply
  41. Cool junks
  42. Dreadful Dudes
  43. Twin flame
  44. Boys Weekend
  45. Game changers
  46. Buddies for Life
  47. Always on petrol
  48. Ski Bum Babes
  49. Glam squad
  50. Making strides
3 friends group name

Top Names for Group of 3 Friends

The terrible 3 Kingston Trio
The Golden Trio Dynamic Trio
The Bee Gees The Good The Bad And The Wise
The 3 man wolfpack The trifecta
The hat tricks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore
Highlighters and Scantrons Nonstop Chatters
Tri NibbaTricycles
Boiled Boxers Block Heads
Silent Tooters Cubic Fun
Charlie’s Angels Junior Stunts

Group Name for 3 Girl Best friends

Retail Addicts ( It is specailly desired to shopping lover girls, turbofuture donated it as a girl check retail on price tag)

Baddest Babes (Once in a town, a boy has 3 friends as his girlfriends , he used to call them baddest babes)

Future Bridezillas (Wish of every girl to become bride and wish can be combined in the form of group name)

Rock & Roll Ladies (It is a famous brand and tagline for girls)

Girls Weekend (It is best when you have a plan on weekend or you often plan party with your friends on weekend)

Hike and bike (If you are travel lover and love to ride on bike , this one can be best for you to ride on bike)

First ladies (In Asia it is famous tagline ”ladies first” so give it fame in the form of group name so everybody will get ideas)

Hot Cheetos (It looks funny and cool)

Backstreet Girls (Best if you as a friends love to walk in streets and enjoy charms of life)

California Girls ( Are you city lover? then california and london can be catchy cities to use as your group name)

Spicy Sugars (According to you , this will not make sense but things without sense are always catchy)

Group Name for 3 Best boys best friends

Murder of Crows (You can call it crow killers)

Study Buddies (If your group is study lover)

Silent killers (Not from mean but catchy tagline)

The Cool Nerds (For cool nature joinings)

Don’t Test Us ( A warning and swag look name)

Skinny snakes ( Just a charm in name)

Nonstop Chatters (For messanger chat lovers it is best)

Freaky Friends (From movie characters)

Triple force (That is not physics law so set it)

Toxic Tripple (Yes touching us can kill you)

Sometimes three things or persons looks more better then two.Having a three is better than one or two.Can you imagine to remove one from list it will look odd to doing this.There are simple hacks to give your group name yourself.

Final Words

Sometimes friends move away and their memories can not behold to remember. We exchange numbers and try to connect for the future. Good thing is that group names will never forget and even if someone will with this group name, you all will be active. These groups will help you to send combine messages to your lovely friends. Little things matter a lot for friends.

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