GSM Aladdin Latest Setup v2.1.42 Free Download

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GSM Aladdin is the one tool that can solve any software or security issues any Mediatek, Mstar, RDA, Spreadtrum, Nokia MTK, Samsung, Android ADB, HTC, and Huawei users are facing. It includes pin codes, locks, IMEI repair, Backing up the phonebook, and a lot of other functions.

GSM Aladdin’s latest working version, as of 2020, is free to download and use. This version has improved and extended its support for better customization and usability so that it can help out its users.

There are a lot of GSM Aladdin’s uses, but there are some risks. To elaborate on this, we have compiled its pros and cons for your ease.

Before flashing or resetting data, do backup your data.


Key Features for GSM Aladdin:

GSM Aladdin supports the following features and some of which you will not find in other software:

  • UnLocks: Pattern, PIN, Face unlock
  • Google account pass removal
  • Network unlock
  • IMEI wizard, which can repair and do other useful things with IMEI
  • Inspect root access
  • Temporarily give your device root access
  • Format device
  • Fix downloading with broken strings
  • WiFi repair option supported
  • Removal of FRP access or even bypass
  • Dead phone flasher
  • Upgrade the reading speed and writing speed too

This tool has a few disadvantages and these are including as. It Voids the warranty. Payment processing apps won’t run without some specific apps that can bypass this. Custom ROMs are not available for every and usually lesser-known phones. Security problems and there are a lot of bugs because of the lacking official support. Chances to brick phones if the procedure isn’t followed correctly. This tool has basic functions but there are a lot of options for advanced users. Be careful when using any options you don’t know about. There are a lot of phones out there hence this software needs to be updated regularly to support everyone and solve their issues.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Here is a list of the features that latest version supports:
  • LG Add LG-Reset user lock (No Root)
  • More than 450+ LG Models added.
  • Add MI(Qualcomm), IMEI repair added to tons of Mi Qualcomm, many Qualcomm China-based IMEI repair
  • Samsung newer models Network unlock, more than 400+ Samsung models are now supported.

MTK added analysis scatter file(EMMC)(Open *.txt), this is for advanced users.

MTK improved clear settings/FRP, thousands of MTK mobiles have been added to the list so that now they can remove FRP.

SPD improved android write and now the new flash ID is supported.

Added android Motorola FRP reset.

HTC improved reset FRP:

MTK Added 6735 new IC Added support: read firmware/write Firmware (Bin), read Firmware/Write Firmware (Scatter), format/reset/other Mtk function support, IMEI repair/read pattern/phone book export.

MTK Added 6580 New IC Add support: read firmware/write Firmware (Bin), read Firmware/Write Firmware (Scatter), format/reset/other Mtk function support, IMEI repair/read pattern/phone book export.

MTK improved the reading of info and the reading of the Moblie model (EMMC): MTK speed of reading info & reading flash.

SPD Added 7731 EMMC (New IC): Read/Write, Formatting Support, Read Pattern, Phonebook, Read Info, Reset Usercode Support, IMEI Repair.

PD Added 7731GEA EMMC: Read/Write, Format Support, Read Pattern, Phonebook, Read Info, Reset Usercode Support, IMEI Repair.

SPD improved scan Mobile Port: Improved detection speed of Mobile Driver.

SPD Improve Android *.pac and Write Support: Improved.PAC writing support.

SPD Improved Android formatting and added reset FRP support: Improved SPD formatting functions & resetting FRP.

Fixed software TIP information and bugs:

MTK Added the fix of DL Mode:

After Flashing, download function is now good.

MTK Added clear setting: MTK setting clear option is now faster & safer.

GSM Aladdin

MTK Added the Format safe & advanced (Android Mobile): It is safe and can format Automatically, advanced format as per the user’s wish.

Many new features are available in the GSM Aladdin’s latest 2020 version.

Supported features on:


  • Read flash
  • Info
  • Write flash
  • Read Password
  • Unlock Password
  • Repair IMEI


  • Write NV
  • Read NV
  • Repair IMEI
  • Info read flash
  • Write flash
  • Read Password
  • Format


  • Info
  • Read flash
  • Write flash
  • Read Password
  • Phone Unlock
  • Reset User Lock
  • Read NV
  • Write NV
  • Format
  • Repair IMEI
  • Back up phonebook
  • Restore Boot Data


  • Info
  • Read Flash
  • Write Flash
  • Read pattern code (no ADB, no root)
  • Format
  • Read Password
  • Reset User Lock
  • Direct Clear Password
  • Clear Private Code
  • Repair IMEI
  • Service
  • Temporary Root
  • Restore Root
  • Backup Phonebook
  • Network Unlock
  • Read Network Code
  • Remove Virus
  • Clear Setting/FRP-Fix DL Mode
  • Safe Format
  • Repair Wifi

Nokia MTK:

  • Info
  • Read Flash
  • Write Flash
  • Read Password
  • Read NV
  • Write Nv
  • Factory Reset


  • Sprint Unlock
  • Sprint Relock
  • Format
  • Backup Efs
  • Restore Efs
  • Network Unlock
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair/MEID/ESN
  • Reset FRP
  • Reset Reactivation/EE Locks
  • IMEI Repair

Android ADB:

  • Unlock Phone
  • Read Pattern
  • Wipe Root
  • Temporary Root
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Reboot Fastboot
  • Backup App
  • Backup Contact
  • Restore Contact
  • Install App
  • Read Gmail Id
  • Reset Gmail
  • Google Lock Unlock
  • Restore App
  • Motorola FRP Reset

Download Latest Setup:

GSM Aladdin is a very useful tool specifically made for advanced users. This software can be very powerful and its uses are limitless. With great power comes great responsibility, thus make sure to use this tool correctly otherwise you will end harming yourself and others too. Enjoy using such a great tool!

Download >> GSM Aladdin Latest Setup v2.1.42

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