30 Hardik Pandya hairstyle – best hairstyle ideas for 2019

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No doubt Hardik Pandya is famous for his tricksy haircuts. people always follow celebrities for their new haircuts. From Ms. Dhoni to Hardik Pandya every Indian player has gorgeous hairstyles. Hardik Pandya hairstyle is always a sign of novality for his followers.

. If you are a fan of Pandya as well as trend follower and want to flatter your beauty with Hardik Pandya hairstyles choose hairstyle correspondingly your face.from low fade to high fade, undercut to quiff haircut, pompadour to comb over every kind of hairstyle you will find in Pandya. Hardik Pandya hairstyles keep him in headlines.

The cool and unique hairstyle is the choice of every celebrity either he is actor or cricketer. even Hseillary Clinton says,

’If I want to knock a story off the front page I just change my hairstyle”

Hillary clinton

So go forward and change the look of your hairs because

‘’life is perfect or not but your hair can be perfect’’

Here I combined 50 best images of Hardik Pandya hairstyle, including Hardik Pandya hairstyle 2017,2018 and latest hairstyle of Hardik Pandya.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawk is always trendy haircut for boys who even do not have long hairs,similarly Pandya’s choice of Faux hawk is always innovative idea by any celebrity because Faux hawk is never getting old.

Buzz Cut

2 years ago Buzz cut was the favorite haircut of Hardik Pandya as well as in 2018 . Buzz Cut is a suggestion for boys with round hairs. Buzzcut is the best haircut on the face of Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya buzz cut
Hardik Pandya Buzz cutt

Crew Cut

Always classical and practical. The crew cut is next to Buzz cut and admit it is extraordinary on your face if you have around big face. Pandya hairstyle 2017 is somehow to fall in a crew cut.

hardik pandya crew cutHardik Pandya crew cut


High fade

High fade was my favorite haircut in 2018. The high fade haircut is good for boys who have long hairs and want to design them according to the modern era of fashion. Pandya 2018 hairstyle always focused on High fade ideas for hairstyles.

high fade pandya
High Fade

Bald fade

Bald fade is the best idea of 2019. A bald fade haircut is never getting old. Hardik Pandya’s most of the hairstyles are bald fade made him celebrity.

Hardik pandya haircut
Bald Fade (credits pinterest)

Under cut comb Over Pomp

Undercut Comb Over Pomp is very popular haircut in 2019, where sides are shaved or clipped. Hardik Pandya gives classy look in undercut comb over pomp.

Hadik pandya under cut
Hardik Pandya under Cut
air cuts
Under cut

Modern Pomp + Mid skin Fade +Hard Part

Colouring your hairs give them gentle push and it is a trend of 2019. Hardik Pandya fan dies for his look. Modern pomp always suits on Hardik Pandya.

High Bald Fade with cropped fringe

This is new and textured way to show your haircut to world.High bald fade suits Hardik Pandya additionaly cropped fringe . If you are really fan of Hardik ‘s haircuts look on his High Bald fade cut.

Bald fade pandya hair cut
Bald fade haircut

Slicked back hair with short sides

it is retro style, as well as suits on pandya.

hardik pandya with gf
Slicked back

Mid Fade with side part and long Fringe

Most common haircut in the Asiatic region, commonly known as ”Side puff” and admit it it is enough to make you handsome, not only in Hardik Pandya, I have seen this haircut in Jadeja, Imran Tahir, Faheem Ashraf, and some other cricketers. Mild fade with long Fringe is best for every kind of face.

hardik pandya new hairstyle
Mid fade

Spiky hair on Top

Still in 2019 spiky style is best style to give you hot look.spikey hair with tapered sides is sexiest look in hairstyles. Spiky hairs are always versatile.

spiky hair
Spiky hair

New Blue shade on top

Blue shade on top front hairs is the best choice of Hardik Pandya. Hardik Pandya come with new hairstyles, blue shade is one of them looks classy on Pandya. SOME HAIRSTYLES

Hardik Pandya hairstyle

Back hair with brown highlight

Brown highlight makes you look decent and this haircut is also getting popularity in 2019. The best thing about Brown highlight is that it is textured look with a bump in front. Hardik Pandya hairstyle gives his first choice in brown highlight.

hardik pandya hairstyle
Brown highlight

Swept back with side fade

hardik pandya haircut
swept Back

Casual look

casual look
Casual look

Classic Tapered sides

classic tapered sides
Classic tapered sides

Casual side cut

casual side cut
High Fade

Hardik Pandya And Amir Khan in new Hair cut

Hardik Pandya Haircuts
Hardik pandya and Amir khan

Some more looks of Pandya

Old look of Pandya
hardik pandya with wife
Decent look
Hardik pandya on kohli wedding
Hardik Pandya on wedding
hardik pandya with krunal pandya
Hardik And krunal
with book
Hardik pandya

If you have some more looks of Hardik Pandya , drop your comment.

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