Maui Meta Tool 3G/4G V10.1816.0.01 latest version Download

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Repairing and flash tools are not limited to some old version applications. Maui Meta tool is a free and windows utility tool that provides ease you in flash and repair IMEI. This tool is not specifically for Media Tek devices, also helps in android devices. If your sim card is blocked, Maui meta is a guard tool for you because it unlocks all block sims on MKT devices.

Shining Feature: Most of the device users have an issue with their IMEI number. The problem can vary but some common like an invalid or Nulled IMEI. Both problems can be solved with this tool, connect your device with PC and write IMEI number with this tool. If you do not know about the IMEI number, then in short words it is a simple code of 15 to 16 words that are used to track identification.

Maui Meta Tool Features

The features of this tool are not limited. From flash to repair, from unblocking sims to cleaning this tool is equally efficient. Here are some common features of this tool.

Flash IMEI

Best tool to flash IMEI number on chipset android devices or MEDIA TEK smartphones, tablets and feature phones. That is simple from other tools, just locate database files. These files already come with the firmware of the device.

Installation Ease

This tool has no bugs or glitches that can harm your computer. You just need to install it on your computer. Download and extract through a zip file on your computer.

Restore IMEI Number

You can easily take a backup of the IMEI number of devices which can be stored anywhere in PC.

Repair NVRAM

It provides ease in the flash and repair of NVRAM on your device.

  • An easy and simple tool to writer IMEI Number
  • Helps to Unblock sim cards
  • Easy to operate, no technical knowledge required
  • Best for Mediatek feature phone, smartphone or tablet
  • The major drawback is support, only for devices running on MediaTek
  • Connection update required

How to use Maui Meta 3G/4G?

➊ First of all, you need to extract meta-tool on PC.

➋ Run this tool on your pc(supports both 32 and 64 Bit)

➌ Launch tool and select connection type.

Connection Type Recommendations: If you own a feature phone, choose feature phone and if you have a smartphone, select a smartphone in connection type.

➍ On Right Top corner, you will see the reconnect button, click on it.

➎ In the next step connect your device(handset) with PC.Use USB cable to connect the handset with PC.

➏ The user’s face has a red color in a circle on it. When you will connect successfully, the yellow color circle will appear. If the yellow color circle appears then the device is connected successfully.


Salient Note: In the previous step, if the tool detects the device. Meta mode will disable temporarily. Boot animations start and your handset display will be stuck or disappear.No need to worry about this is normal.

❼ Select ”IMEI DOWNLOAD” from the drop-down.

➑ The previous step will lead to the appearance of the dialog box. Click on the change NVRAM database file.


➒ From the firmware file, you will browse the BP file.

Locate and choose the BPLGUIinfo file in a recently updated tool. This file can hold a long name.

❿ In the next step enter 14 digits IMEI number in IMEI box. Write 15th digit in the checksum box.

Now it will take some seconds to flash your IMEI number. A success notification will appear at the end. Restart your device and check the IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

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System Requirements

  • A PC with installed windows(any version)
  • Maui Meta tool 3g/4g (Download from the link)
  • PC should have essential drivers MTK VCOM
  • USB data cable for connection

Technical Details

Tool updates are making it more efficient. Use the latest version for better updates and reduce bugs.

Name MauiMETA Version 10.1816.0.01
File size 44.9 MB
SupportWindows XP,vista,7,8 and 10
License Freeware