199 Savage Instagram captions -For girls,guys and friends

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Yes am I savage and I like savage Instagram captions, a savage person doesn’t care about coward actions of the world. A savage person has own world of dreams, justify people in this consequence. Everybody from us wants to show his/her savage to world.we have different ways to show our swag our savage, some times savage captions, savage status or quotes are an easy way to show. here are some best savage Instagram captions.

1.”You cant do epic shit with basic people.

2.”Her attitude is savage, but her heart is gold.

3.”It’s totally okay if you don’t like me because not everyone in this world is born with good taste.”

4.”My mascara is too expensive to cry over stupid boys like you.”

5.”I would make a sandwich for guys like you.”

6.”Some people always deserve to get a hi-five right on their face.”

7.”Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

8.”I’m having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all my questions.
Ever seen queens competing with hoes? No, because queens never consider hoes as their completion.”

9.”If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

10.”Don’t test me. I have screenshots.”

11.”Your the type of boy id make a sandwich for.”

12.”It’s with you or without you but life goes on.”

13.”Revenge? Nah, I’m too lazy I’m going to sit here and let Karma fuck you up.”

14.”The idea is to not be, what people expect you to be and I strictly follow this idea.”

15.”I am aware of the fact that I am a handful but that is the reason why you have only two hands.”

16.”I couldn’t give a rat’s tutu about your emotional distress.”

17.”Sweet as sugar, cold as ice hurt me once I will break you thrice.”

18.”Proof that I can do selfies better than you.”

19.”Turn ya savage up and lose ya feelings.”

20.”What’s a queen without her king? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.”

21.”It’s totally okay if you don’t like me because not everyone in this world is born with good taste.”

22.”I look like “yes” and you look like “no.”

23.”Do not mess with a girl of short height. 5 feet 2 inch but attitude 6 feet 1.”

24.”The difference is that this time I won’t wait by my phone waiting for your text or I won’t text you to remind you that I exist. I will not give you that power anymore so if you want me then you will have to show up.”

25.”Bitch, you lookin’ at’s the real, ain’t nothin’ on my plastic.”

26.”It’s hard to do epic stuff with basic people like you.”

27.”it’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.”

28.”Good girls are made up of sugar and spice while I and my type of girls are made of whiskey and ice.”

29.”Babe if you stand too close to the heater then there is a chance of you getting melted because plastic melts easily.”

30.”From the first day, I saw you I decided that I was going to give you the wrong number.”

31.”I tried hard to put myself in your shoes but they were so ugly and cheap like you.”

32.”I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, Okay.
Bitch please your relationships last shorter than my phone’s battery.”


savage instagram captions
savage Instagram captions


33.”Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, bitch.”

34.”Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.”

35.”The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be Ready.”

36.”The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be Ready.”

37.”You know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case.”

38.“And You’re gonna hear me Roar!.”

39.”You’re never going to have me.”

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>>>>>>>> Attitude instagram captions <<<<<<<

40.”I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.”

41.”Bitch please, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.”

42.”When Jessica Biel becomes pregnant, I hope she names her child “Mo.”

43.”Do I run? Yes… Out of time, patients and money.”

44.”Lies I tell myself: Just one more cookie. Just one more movie. Just one more minute. Yet…I wouldn’t call them lies.”

45.”I know the voices in my head aren’t real….. but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome.”

Savage Captions for guys

1.”I want life to surprise me because I have never been surprised”

2.”Sunshine mixed with little hurricane”

3.”She was rainbow but he was colorblind”

4.”Only one person in the world is my hero, and he is myself”

5.”Shutup, how much you spend on month, I spend on lipstick.”

6.”If it doesn’t burn a little then what is the point of playing with fire.”

7.”She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings.”

8.”A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world.”

9.”Where does all my money go, it is like hocus, pocus, I am broken.”

10.”Pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

11.”She walked in a moon, dust and stars were sprinkled in her hair.”

12.”I heard you are a player, nice to meet you I am a coach.”

13.”Imperfection is beauty madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

14.”Life is better when you are laughing.”

15.”There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance, one is when you are wrong and you can’t face it. the other is when you are right and nobody else can face it.”

16.”Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that binds them to their own potential.”

17.”Go to hell, oh honey, where do you think I came from?”


savage instagram captions for girls
savage instagram captions for girls

18.”’By the power vested in me, I now pronounce your blocked and deleted, you now may kiss my ‘ss.”

19.”They wanna see you do good, but never better than they remember that.”

20.”Haters never win, I think that is the truth about life because negative energy always costs at the end.”

21.”Best friends don’t care if your house is clean, they care if you have wine.”

22.”My lips are gun, my smile is a trigger, my kisses are the bullets, label me a killer.”

23.”Going to bed early. Not going to a party. Not leaving my house. My childhood punishments has become my adult goals.”

24.”The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.”

25.“funny how a beautiful song could tell such a sad story.”

26.”We are the world, we are the children.”

27.“I’m headed to space with the rest of the stars.”

28.“I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.”

29.“What do you think of the view?”

30.“People say I act like I don´t give a shit. I´m not acting.”

31.“I am sorry but what language are you speaking? It sounds like bullshit to me.”

32.“If you don´t like me and still watch everything I do. Bitch, You´re a fan.”

33.“Try not to think for a brief moment that I really mind what you need to say.”

34.“B*tch please, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.”

35.”I know looks are not everything, but I have them in just case.”

36.”Turn ya savage up, and lose ya feelings.”

37.”Bitch please, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.”

38.“I´m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I really thought you already knew.”

39”Sometimes I wish I were a nicer person, but then I laugh at that idea and continue my day.”

40.”I’d rather regret things, I have done rather than regret on things I have not done.”

Savage Captions for girls

1.”B*tch, please! You are so fake even China denied they made you.”

2.”Me? Weird? B*tch Please! I am Limited Edition.”

3.”Be a lady with class, the girl with a mind, and a bitch with an attitude.”

4.”It is a good kind of madness.”

5.”What are you twelve? Yeah, on a scale of one to ten bitch”

6.”Don’t give advice unless you are asked to”

7.”If you want me to control my temper, control your stupidity first”
”Of course, I am high maintenance, I pay for everything I own”


savage Instagram captions

8.Even my heels are higher than your IQ”

9.”Fuck it all, I am done with the bullshit, people like you give my middle finger a hard-on.”

10”2 words, one finger, fu’’ck you.”

11.”I am mine before anyone else.”

12.”Her attitude is savage but her heart is gold.”

13.”You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.”

14.“I told him to take care of his eyes because they are the only balls he has.”

15.“Oh, you hate me? Join the club. They are weekly meeting at the corner of fuck you street and kiss my ass beloved.”

16.”Every woman is her own kind of beautiful.”

17.”I enjoy when people show attitude to me because it shows that they need attitude to impress me.”

18.”Adopting the right attitude can convert, negative stress into positive.”

19.”Either you play the game or watch the game, play you.”

20.”Now I can’t stop thinking, that I can’t stop thinking.”

Savage captions for haters

1.“Yes, my black little heart skips a happy beat when I see Karma catch up to somebody who deserves it.”

2.“I took a gander at my Instagram photographs and acknowledged I look excellent.”

3.“There is a difference between talking shit about a person and talking truth about a shitty person.”

4.I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and too hot for you.”

5.No darling, I have checked my receipt and I didn´t buy any of your bullshit.”

6.“Just Because I have been away, doesn’t mean I have forgotten HOW TO SLAY!”

7.“I don’t need your approval, darling. I have my own.”

8.“It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me because I know who I am, and I am damn proud of it.”

9.“I am fucking gold, you can prefer Silver and it’s okay.”

10“Looking in the mirror I see the only competition I have.”

11.“Oh, I saw something that reminded me of you today, but do not worry, I flushed it.”


savage instagram captions for guys
savage Instagram captions for guys

12.“I am trying to see things from your point of view but I can not stick my head so far up my ass!”

13.“The best place to put your opinions is right up your ass.”

14.“I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do.”

15.“You look like something I drew with my left hand.”

16.“Proof that I can do selfies better than you.”

17.“I´m sexy, and I know it!”

18.Queens do not compete with hoes.”

19.“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done rather than regret on the things I’ve not done.”

20.“If someone stands behind you, then protect him. If someone stands beside you, then respect him. If someone stands against you, then defeat him.”

21.“Sometimes I feel like giving up, but then I remember that there are lots of bastards for proving wrong.”

Savage Instagram captions for friends

1.Smile, because it confuses people. It’s easier than explaining to people that what is killing you from inside.”

2.“Falling down is how we grow while staying down is how we die.”

3.“Breaking the rules.”

4.“I always laugh when people try to hurt my feelings. As if I have any.”

5.Smile at the b*tch who brings you down. Laugh at the jackass who screws you over. Point your middle finger at the idiots who didn´t know you any better.”

6.“Fuck it all!!! I’m done with the bullshit!! People like you give my middle finger a hard-on!”

7.“Thank you for making me realize that the purpose of my middle finger is to use it when words are not enough.”

8.“I step into the club. The haters turn around. My middle finger’s up. Man, I’m just getting down.”

9.“I do not have enough middle fingers or coffee for this Monday morning.”

10.“Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That’s why you have two hands.”

11.”It takes 42 muscles to frown and only four to extend my middle finger and tell you to bite me.”

12.”Roses are red; Violets are blue; I have five fingers and the middle one is for you.”

13.“If you cannot attract them with your charms just repel them with your attitude, or your middle finger.”

14.”I respect all those people who hate me because my middle finger rises up and salutes them. So keep hatin…I’ll keep smiling and keep saluting you!!”

15.“Dear Customer Service: First of all, you should know that I’m typing this with my middle finger.”

16.”They see my middle finger, shut the FUCK up and let me be. That’s how it’s always been and how it will be.”

17.“Well, I guess I’m single for the night and you can sit right on my middle finger for the night. And if I sound mad, then you caught me, but this shit explains that you’re the one that taught me.”

Best savage Instagram captions

1.“Turn ya savage up and lose ya feelings.”

2.“Tell me not to do something and I will do it twice and take pictures.”

3.“Short, sassy, cute and classy.”

4.Too glam to give a damn.”

5.I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.”

6.Try not to think for a brief moment that I really mind what you need to say.”

7.Being pissed off gets old. I’m just at a whole new ‘fuck it’ level.”

8.“As beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside.”

9.”Everyone said I could be Anything. So I became Sexy!”

10. “Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s an Instagram filter.”

11.”Me? Weird? B*tch Please! I am Limited Edition.”

12.”I took a gander at my Instagram photographs and acknowledged I look excellent.”

13.“Just Because I have been away, doesn’t mean I have forgotten HOW TO SLAY!”

14.”I myself never feel that I’m sexy. If people call me cute, I am happier.”

15.“I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and too hot for you.”

16.“It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me because I know who I am, and I am damn proud of it.”


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