13 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites (2020)

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Sports geek always try to find the sites where they can watch their favorite game without being hindered. As the world is fastly moving on quick browsing experience everybody wants to stream sports, movies, shows, anime or anything on his device at any place. Streaming sites are hidden hand to save us when we are abroad where cable tv will not work as channel restriction issue will jump in.

Sports streaming websites are high in demand nowadays due to many sports fans waiting to watch their favorite teams to play. However, they are hard to find because of many issues such as unauthorized streams, websites with bad intent, copyright issues, video prints and many more. Sometimes you can’t go to the stadium, you have a busy schedule or you just want to sit at home and enjoy the fun but you can’t find proper websites even if you do they are either hidden behind paywalls or malicious intent.

Sports streaming is not more difficult today as technology is moving on new trends and solutions. The era of cable tv is going to end as everybody has a busy schedule. So here we listed the top 17 Sites for sports streaming that are free. Some times we divert on dodgy sites and can not watch our favorite sports game.

The need to watch your favorite sports is high but finding a proper channel is difficult. To tackle this situation we have compiled a list of 13 completely free sports streaming websites of 2019:

These Sports sites are categorized on the basis of the following features :

  • The popularity of the streaming site
  • Total Number of users worldwide
  • Pop UP ads appear on site
  • How easy to use this site
  • Image Quality of streaming
  • Overall User experience
Sr.NoSiteMobile friendlyAds RatingHD
1Watch ESPNYesA
2Reddit SportsYesA+
3 Stream2watch PartiallyC+
4 Laola1 PartiallyA
5 LiveTV YesA
6 AceStream YesB
7 CricFree YesB+
8 Sportrar YesB+
9 FirstrowSports YesA
10 Bosscat PartiallyB
11 SportLEMON YesC
12 Streamwoop YesC
13 VIPLeague YesA

1. Watch ESPN

watch espn

The official website of ESPN offers you many streams with a well maintained and secure website. They even have official apps for iOS and Android users. Their services are divided for three types of users. You can Download Gsm Aladdin for smoothing of your PC when streaming this site.

  • No Login: Streams that do not require you to login or pay for streams.
  • Login: Streams that require you to create an account and login.
  • Payments: There are streams that are locked unless you subscribe to the channel.
  • Well designed website which makes navigation easy for everyone
  • Various streams and some of them don’t even have any ads which means you can watch your favourite sports streams uninterrupted. Streams being broadcasted are in HD.
  • Not many streams are available for free

2. Reddit

reddit sports

Reddit is not a sports streaming website however people can post links for others to view sports streams. There are communities (subreddits) and groups of people dedicated to finding and posting links for others. An easy way of finding good streams is seeing the post’s upvotes. The one with the most upvotes will be the working and best sports streaming video. Just type in the name of the sports you are looking for and you will usually find the link to the best sports streaming video.

  • The people posting links here are doing all the work and providing you links so you don’t have to surf the internet for the best free sports streaming website
  • It is safer than clicking random links on Google as the people of reddit can upvote good links and downvote bad or malicious links.
  • For new users of reddit it might be a little hard to navigate and to get accustomed to the ways of this app/website

3. Stream2watch

stream2 watch

Stream2watch is one of the best sites where you can find HD sports streams. Completely free and contains a link to every live stream of any sports. This website is preferred by most people because they provide access to literally all of the live streams of sports but for those, you have to turn off your AdBlock. This site is solely surviving on ads and donations. On its homepage, you can narrow your search by streams divided into categories.

  • HD print of every stream. Multiple links to a stream if one of the links is not working. Basic and friendly user-interface
  • Invasive, confusing and misleading ads.


Even though it is advised not to use an adblocker it is recommended not to click on any ads as some might harm your computer. Immediately close any ads and continue using the services provided by Stream2watch.

4. Laola1

laola1 tv

This website displays all of the available sports live streams on its homepage and also tells you about the next streams that are going to be available within the specified time. Match highlights and much more available for free. The videos are also minimized to the right side of your screen when you scroll down letting you browse more things while watching the videos. HD prints are also available for most of the streams. There are two types of services:

  • Free: All videos available (some are HD)
  • Paid: HD print with no advertisements and can be used on any device (€ 4.99/month)
  • Match highlights and match details are available for every video you see. HD print of most streams. More than 22 categories of sport videos.
  • Website does not work perfectly on 1920×1080 and higher resolutions. Not all of the contents are displayed when accessing the website on mobile.

5. LiveTV

live tv

An amazing website to watch your favorite sports. Many mirrors link to access the streams. Forums, live scores, results, video archives and 22 categories to view live streams from including soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and many more. This website also contains working links of many live-streaming apps such as Ace stream. 

  • Dates of upcoming matches, live scores, highlights and fan clubs. Multiple links to the live streams. Bit rates of streams and their health is displayed. Match statistics, fixtures, results and tables are displayed.
  • You can create reminders are special lists of your favourite matches that you want to watch by registering and logging in. You can also comment on streams. Well maintained website.
  • Complex theme makes it difficult to use.
  • Ads Pop Up showing in screen

6. AceStream

The ace stream was one of the top websites to go to unfortunately it was shut down but now it is available to download and you can now watch live streams from there. There are 2 methods to watch live streams on AceStream:

  1. Subreddit links of future/present streams on Ace Stream.
  2. Links of videos on LiveTV.
  • All types of sports are streamed on Ace Stream. Can be downloaded on variety of operating systems. HD print are usually available.
  • It can also be used instead of VLC Mediaplayer or utorrent.
  • Acestream has to be downloaded in order to use. Links are hard to find.

7. CricFree


All types of sports streams are available HD and 4K. Even though the name suggests that this website is only for cricket it provides access to live streams of all categories. Different sports channels being streamed at all times,

  • 4K and HD print stream links availability which will automatically detect the best video being broadcasted according to your location and internet
  • Chat Rooms are supported which means you can talk to other viewers while you watch those streams.
  • HD print is available for only those who have registered and logged into the website.

8.  Sportrar

sportrar tv

One of the most top-rated free sports streaming websites is Sportrar because of its very basic and easy to use website theme. Every type of sports stream is available on this website. Many of the websites boast about their complexity and contrary to those websites this website stands out because of simplistic and easy to navigate themes. Click on the desired sports match and click on the link in the chat.

  • Multiple links to streams. HD prints availability. Every detail of every sports match stream such as match summary, odds comparison, line ups, standings and many more. Finished games, live streams, games on TV and other categories help you find the match you want to see.
  • There is also another category “selected” where you can select a few matches that you are most interested in. You can also view Tv channels if you want to.
  • No major disadvantage detected

9. FirstrowSports

first row sports

Firstrow sports allow you to view all of the sports streams with multiple links. The first stream used to host many streams but after a few problems, they changed their domain and now are stream aggregators. They do not host streams themselves.

  • HD print streams with a bunch of links to the streams. They usually offer tons of sports streams of different categories at all times. Website is updated quite often.
  • A few broken links. The theme of the website is quite unappealing. Live scores aren’t working properly.

10. Bosscat


All famous sports channels are being streamed here live at every moment. They also give access to 130 extra channels to users.

  • Every major sports event is always streamed on this website. Different TV shows are also available for users to watch. Major sports streaming channels are available for users 24/7.
  • Smaller matches and events are not broadcasted. The website looks unattractive which makes a person very uncomfortable while using it. Not many categories which makes it hard to find your desired match.
  • The schedule is very vague with no indications of which match will take place at what time. You can only view the scheduled date.

11. SportLEMON


This is a good website to view your sorts matches as this has a good rating according to its users and streams sports matches from all over the world. Sports lemon is a fairly new sports streaming website as compared to prior mentioned websites yet it has done quite enough to earn its place in this list.

  • No login is required to view videos and multiple links to videos being streamed. Good quality live sports streams are accessible through this website. Simple browsing system to find and view your desired sports stream.
  • A lot of ads, broken links and unpleasant ads. If you do not know your way around some ads will download viruses so it is highly recommended to turn on Google’s security so that nothing will be downloaded without your consent.

12. Streamwoop


This website makes finding and watching a stream very easy by making categorizing everything. Replays and highlights are separated from the live or upcoming streams so that these videos don’t get mixed up. More than 100 daily live streams of different sports.

  • No registration or signing up just click on the link to view a live stream. Ease of accessibility to specific streams because of categories such as recent games, replays, live events and trending events.
  • Streamwoop also lets you stream sports video on your website too. Beautifully designed website which is very comfortable to use.
  • Frustrating to find links due to numerous ads.

13. VIPLeague

vip league

All streams are available in HD and the website itself allows you to change the theme according to your personal preference. The name of the website might sound costly but don’t worry as the website is completely free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch the live streams.

  • Live sports streams along with TV channels. Multiple links for streams. Chat rooms are always open with a bunch of language options too.
  • Sports stream categories are highlighted letting you view all of the present live streams being broadcasted so that you can watch any sports such as football, basketball etc anywhere in the world at any given time.
  • Hard to find a specific match due to no search bar.
best sports streaming sites


What are the best free sports streaming sites?

  • Watch Espn
  • Reddit sports
  • Bosscast.net
  • live Tv.sx
  • First Row sports

What is the best streaming app for sports?

  • Yip TV
  • Laliga Tv
  • Sony Live
  • Super score
  • Live sport


All of these websites are free but they have to get money from somewhere so they show you ads. Well known websites like ESPN do not show you misleading or invasive ads but some of the other websites do. Other websites have their own perks and use thus it is recommended to use good antiviruses. If you know how to close those ads and are happy with their services you may use them. It is highly recommended not to download anything from some of these websites. Each website offers you a variety of things choosing the most suitable website will not be that hard. These were our top picks let us know in the comments what websites should have been on the list.

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