The Impossible Quiz Answers (110 Questions)

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Do you think it is difficult to answer the impossible quiz? I do not think the same because it is easy to answer all the questions in this game. Just open your mind and look on tricks to find how you can answer these easy questions. Basically impossible quiz is hit flash game and developed by Slapp-Me-Do. There are 100 questions in-game with 10 additional questions about them nobody knows.

Actually, if you are a fan of trivia and riddle games so impossible quiz is going to be really fun for you. It is more difficult and tricky than other games but mind sharpener too. It looks hard to answer some questions but when we know their answers it is more ridiculous. It includes some math tricks some mind ability lines and tricky lines to judge.

When you start the game, you will see the multiple-choice screen bar. You will have 4 options or choices for one question you can click on any suitable one. After answering the first question you will be carried for the next one. The amazing thing about the impossible quiz is that question after question is difficult and you have only 3 lives to answer.

Here is the list of all the answers from games. If you find any answer wrong or misplaced please let us know in comments and drop your suggested answers if you know already. Answers are arranged list wise so you can pick easily your required one.

Part 1 Question 1 to 20

quiz answers

Question1: Four

Because there are 4 letters and all have holes POLO.

Question2: No but a tin can

No, but a tin can, a simple line to carry the first stance from the question.

Question3: K.O

Read whole content backward so it is written ”Answer this question backward” so we are going to write OK as K.O

Question4: Click on above given ”Answer” word in question

So it is pretty self-explanatory no answer is matching from choices and the game is asking to click on ”Answer” which is given in the question.

Question5: Move your mouse Around screen and outside from quiz box

Simple right-click on your mouse and then move off from the screen or on the screen from a given red dot.

Question6: Shallots

Shallots are small onions

Question7: Elephant

The elephant is a big animal so here game resembles answer with this side.

Question8: Move your mouse around to remove the checkmark from ”Yes”

That is simple easy just move your mouse until you uncover green ”Yes” checkmark from screen

Question9: That One (Right top)

The answer was nobody thinking located on right one so click it.

Question10: False Teeth

When you will click on it converts into food so it is something like food and chew it so false teeth is the right answer.

Question11: n

”n” follows December 2nd ike letter after 2 is ”n” in question.

Question12: Dot Above i

When you will move your cursor on letter ”I” a point will appear which is smallest even from boxes.

Question13: F’TAAANG

An Isabella sound

Question14: Torch

Torch for light and more your mouse will be lighted on the torch as compared to other options were a bit late.

Question15: Type Horse

Just wait and type ”Horse” in front of horse image on the screen

Question16: H

So write alphabets , each of the alphabets says my Seven

Question17: 17 From Question

No answer in choices so click 17 from Question number

Question18: Hammer

Stop Hammer time, click on hammer from choices and go.

Question19: Click on a given order

Click like this BOGGY, so B for blue, O for Orange, G for Green, G for green and Y for Yellow.

Question20: Seal

When you make a deal with someone, they put a stamp on it that says “seal”

Part2 Question 21 to 40

impossible quiz answers

Question21: Green flash on the left top

When you will watch carefully, you will see a green flash on top

Question22: +1 Skip

+1 Skip because you just skip the question and move on. If you get the other ones, you really can’t skip it.

Question23: Bran

For leaving untitled you have to give name first so they are already have given ”Bran” so it is the right to answer for this question.

Question24: V from Lives

It will show you jerking screen and ask to click V so you should click V from lives in top left.

Question25: Shoe Polish

Shoe polish has silver in, and silver bullets kill werewolves

Question26: Arsenfacey

Hover on places given so all of them you may not listen before clicking on Arsenfacey.

Question27: Go to 28

Actually you are not counting your questions so the question number will be removed you should choose 28 because the rest of them can lose your life.

Question28: Abundance

It is like a pon bun dancing so filtering meaning from this gives Abundance.

Question29: Egg Mayonnaise

Hope you have tasted it, it seems like this

Question30: Move the mouse through the path

Drag your finger or mouse on a given path and will kick you out for next question

Question31: woof.woof.woof

Run your mouse on the mouth of wolf it will cry for three times in the stream

Question32: Baby cham and Human Faces

I did not find any proper explanation if you know to drop in the comment section.

Question33: 7

When you actually count letters in his hand they are 9 but that is just to confuse you. You should only count letters given below in question like ”HIS HANDS”, there are three letters in ”HIS” and four letters in ”HAND” so add them 4 and three are equal to seven.

Question34: Remove Mouse from screen

Actually showing that elephant does not like Mice so remove your mouse from the screen or hide it.

Question35: Wait till button turns into a green smiley

Do not press button just breath after seeing the screen and you will see green smiley appeared on the screen.

Question36: Walk

A wingless fly can walk without wings, the only possible answer from choices.

Question37: Of course Not

Simple answer without further logic

Question38: Mary Rose

Mary rose from the pin

Question39: Cylindrical Adventures

This is a character by slap called cylindrical adventures

Question40: Right-click mouse and move it across the menu

Part3 Question 41 to 60

impossible quiz answers unblocked

Right-click mouse and move it so next option appears on the screen

Question41: Afro

Not usually on duck head so click on it to differentiate

Question42: Click 42nd from last row

Click 42nd no from last row left side because it is appearing at no 42 in the whole list.

Question43: Tom Cruise

Do not know for this answer, you can help to solute it

Question44: Drag 44 and click the dot

You need to solve the puzzle but here is an easy solution that is actually puzzling just click on dor behind 44 on-screen after you drag it.

Question45: Click on the right-left box from the above line

It is potatoes fly so it is one deed fund

Question46: OMG you kill Sanikku You basted

That was a teaser released for a game, and the answer was there most liked the response

Question47: Keep your cursor with a bottle then click drop from it

It is just to keep your mouse cursor on the bottle and after sometimes with the flow a drop will appear just click on this drop and you will be right to answer this question.

Question48: Snaaaake

It is a reference from metal gear solid

Question49: SPLAPP-ME-DO

Can not scroll behind it

Question50: OK

It is like someone is telling you that actually this is going to be a condition just press ok.

Question51: Click to fight

Keep fighting by keeping your cursor on one man, and one of them will fight.

Question52: 3rd Plant from left

If you have seen carrot plants in life then you will guess from leaves as in image showing images of different vegetables.

Question53: But Pa might Not

Read it from British accent it is MARMITE sounds like But Pa Might Not

Question54: No, about 20 cm off the ground

Not actually know the reason behind it

Question55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits

Digestives are wholemeal biscuits

Question56: Blue, red, blue, yellow

If you are using on a touch screen just do bing on dots by sound produce or move the mouse in empty space.

Question57: ERM.One

Look at Dracula and count it, you can see only one Dracula on screen

Question58: Superhero’s pie

Above two options would be canceled out because of no relevancy to quick target

Question59: Click fire comes out

Click till it gets charged and remove fire out of the mouth , now it is charged

Question60: Select “no…” unless you got past level 59 the first time upon running the app

Best to click is no if you did not get it on the first attempt and looking at the charged mouth is not possible on watching the first-time screen so no is an option

Part4 Question 61 to 80

question 42 answer

Question61: Thumbs up

Have a look on the thumb , the front face of thumb is just like y

Question62: Moss

Translate it, in a sentence using word ”TH” for ”S” like THIMPLE for Simple and Moth for Moss so click on moss

Question63:  Tasteless white filth

It is a joke maybe

Question64: Egg > 28

Eggs usually come in a carton, and they’re usually 30 in a carton. 30 > 28.

Question65: Click on the word ”Largest” from the question

Do not click on any ball from the given options

Question66: Click on the “!” at the end of “the world”

Click on the exclamation mark at the end of a question

Question67: A big hairy arsonist

After getting the answer you will find the logic behind it

Question68: Cat will appear, stroke on it and fill the bar

There is no logic or sense behind it, just stroke a cat to fill the tank

Question69:  LOL, 69

Related to question number as you are at number 9 and make sure you are attentive

Question70: Using its anus

Ignore the first line and ponder on the second one, he is asking about ”how does it smell” so the answer is definitely from the anus

Question71: Click or tap one of the boxes while it is green

Click till cursor or mouse land on the green

Question72: Middle far left switch (it’s small)

Move the mouse until it lands on a green position

Question73: Top right

It is similar to give question mark

Question74: No one knows that

They are 107 but in 207 bobs was not knowing actually how much they are

Question75: Click below number 75 and wait for the error to escape

Click or tap the “Escape!” arrow when it appears under the number 75

Question76: Click sugar box and then Honey box twice

That is actually how to make candy, and that is a way you can make by clicking on both boxes.

Question77: Question 77

Ignore image because in question asking about No of question which is 77

Question78: Four

A french movie concept, further your explanation in comments will be appreciated

Question79: Click ”U” in What do you mean

Because ”U” is a sign similar like a horseshoe

Question80: Filthy Romanian

Because it is more offensive among all

Part3 Question 81 to 110

impossible quiz questions

Question81: Rub light rod until lightning strike will appear then click on the arrow to exit

No specific logic

Question82: Cut the nails before time out

It is just a quick game question to cut the nail in a given time by clicking on finger end

Question83: National Dyslexic Association

Do not confuse it with a biological consequence, it is simple and basic meaning of DNA

Question84: Get both skips

It is meaning game. Hold the left button mouse down so meteors can not tack you. Hold and then go for the star.

Question85: I loved it

No specified logic

Question86: The prince

An explained judgment showcase for the prince

Question87: Click on Dot in Question

Dot with Question number is missing, click on it

Question88: tap Sonic the Hedgehog’s leg repeatedly so it will break

Explained in Question

Question89: Blindness

Dogs have no eggs if you can see dog eggs so you are blind

Question90: Nonce

No time

Question91: Cut the paper by moving the cursor back and forth

You will tear by moving the cursor

Question92: Arrange numbers in this way 194,27,26,15,9,3,2.5,1,0.4

Arrange number in descending order

Question93: Click out bomb away in a blank corner

Save from bomb is concept and you will click on the bomb, kick it out in the corner and then click on the green arrow to go

Question94: Wait till time end and bomb becomes ”DUD”

Do not click Detonate and follow the above process

Question95: Click on ”sorry” cat will move and click again on dot

Explained in question

Question96: A right Mess

Drop explanation in comments

Question97: 10+ Times

That is mostly we do

Question98: Click blue, red,blue,yellow order

Order arrangement

Question99: Wait till bomb goest to 1

Wait till light will be green and then repeat what given in the question

Question100: Two

Because again in question is one POLO

Question101: Correct spellings of chihuahua

Locate face and navigate with correct spellings

Question102: Touch only dots not square

Ignore square, only confusing thing in this that squares will also appear with dots but you have to skip them

Question103: Move search down and click tomato jar

Find here Dennis the square tomato and click on it

Question104: Click Yellow big moon

You have to click sad one which is opposite too so click on the sad moon

Question105: Spell the word banana by picking one alphabet from each

Make spellings of banana by picking ”B” from boosberry, ”A” from apple and ”N” from Nectarine

Question106: Keep the mouse on the road

Keep mouse on road and do not touch anything, will work from left cursor

Question107: Wait for ”game over” screen and then wait again till ”you do well” screen appears

Just a mean game

Question108: Enter the code from “Lost” (question 50), 4 8 15 16 23 42

Explain in comments

Question109: Click on left buttock till he defecate and arrow appears

A mean game with explanation in question

Question110: Use all skips

Here you will use all skips which were total 7 so use them all

Read Negative words with M

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